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Office History

Dorsch Family Dental is a continuation of a practice that has been in Bellingham for generations.

In the 1940s, Dr. Spearin began a comprehensive dental practice in Bellingham that he ran for 30 years. Then in 1973, Dr. James McCallum acquired the practice and moved the office to our current location on Squalicum Parkway. After working overseas in the Navy, Dr. Carr joined the practice with Dr. McCallum. The two doctors worked together for five years before Dr. Carr took over the practice in 2002.

Dr. Dorsch came aboard in 2008 after working in a private practice in North Seattle to assist with Dr. Carr's growing practice. The practice became CarrDorsch Family Dental.

In 2009, CarrDorsch Family Dental expanded into our neighboring suite and performed a remodel to better accommodate our continuing growth.

Dr. Dorsch took over the clinic in 2014 and renamed the practice Dorsch Family Dental.